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Better than instant coffee, We provide booklets, case studies, and keynote speakers.  Check out our collection of services and products that gets you pointed in the right direction starting now!

  1. Case Study Why Public Schools Need Consultants
    Since the beginning of NCLB, Common Core, and Race to the Top Initiatives schools have seen many consultants come and go. Great consultant realize schools are suffering from initiative fatigue, This case study shows what can go wrong and how to work with consultants to save money, meet objectives, and increase enrollment.
  2. Case Study: Redesigning Special Education
    Special Education provides great funding for school districts. Yet services are not being used or over spent. This case study provides ways to redesign special education to be more efficient which relates to more money for the district.
  3. Keynote Speakers
    Starts at $1000
    We have the best consultants and motivational speakers. We love doing what we do and can provide whole seminars or one hour speeches. We specialize in Education, Mental Health, Automotive, Consulting, Start Ups and more. Need something unique just ask.
  4. Special Report Improving Efficiency
    This special report provides detailed analysis of business practices that can be implemented to help your company run more smoothly, reduce costs, and streamline operations.
  5. Classroom Success 4 All By Jamie Fuentes
    Classroom Success 4 All was written for all teachers who work with special needs students. Created from the makers of Autistic Teacher Training, this resource manual will help guide veteran and new teachers through brain based research practices, hands on activities, and cleverly designed tips and tricks designed specifically for students with Autism and other disabilities. Immerse yourself in a world of brain based research. This training guide allows you to have a firsthand experience of what it is like to see the world through the eyes of special need students. You will see how important the physical environment is as well as easy to use behavioral management tools to be able to teach the most behaviorally challenged student.
  6. 15 Minute Consultation
    $30,000.00 Just Kidding It's free
    Have questions but don't know where to start? Our work is guaranteed to meet your expectations. But it starts with a fifteen minute consultation to determine your needs and to design a plan that will work for your organization.
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